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“Why do we need professional photos taken for our company?” and “Why can’t we just use stock photos?”. If you are thinking either of the two questions I am happy to give you my opinion:

One key reason I believe would be to stand out. Stand out from the competition. Despite the industry of your business there will always be competition around you. Competition is like a busy street. Everybody is walking on it you included. You want the people to notice YOU and only YOU from the flock. You wont stand out if you look the same as the rest of the people. But if you could look somehow different one way to do it would be to hire a professional photographer. When you start using photos taken solely for your business on your web page, web adverts, magazines, booklets, flyers, workshops or basically anywhere your business is present you start to stand out. Getting good photos takes always time. It requires a lot of planning both internally and also outside the office. You might want to hire a advertisement/ marketing company to create various ideas which you can then later fulfil with a photographer/ digital artists.

“How do we know this photographer is good for the job?”. Here’s a question I often hear too. This is my general idea:

To create photos that make you stand out from competition is also a challenge for the photographer. I think it is important between the client and the photographer to click. There needs to be some kind of chemistry between you and the photographer. If you and the photographer strongly disagree there’s a high chance the whole purpose of the job will go to waste. How to create chemistry? Besides the usual small talk I always ask my clients very detailed questions when taking on new jobs: Where do you plan to use the photos? What is your business about? What is important and what is not? What kind of emotions you want to create within the people who will see the photos? There are obviously more questions to ask but these are already a good start.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or send me a message or email at info@olllihuhtala.com Here are some of the photos I’ve done for various businesses: