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Internations is a global expat community that organizes networking events couple of times a month here in Helsinki, Finland. Me being a social person and an event photographer I like to attend the events and get inspiration from the other attendees as well. Internations organize the events often on Friday from 6pm to 10pm and when the official part is over people either continue on the same venue or head for the nightclubs of Helsinki. Who are these events for?

Since it is originally an expat community the people attending are often from another country. Typically it’s a person who has moved in because of work and/or family reasons. Luckily also many Finns have found their way to this community inside and outside Finland! Therefore these events offer a great venue to meet the local people but also vice verca. I enjoy going these events to meet new people, get some cross-cultural knowledge and to have facinating discussions with different people. These events are open for anyone but I do recommend registering yourself at http://www.internations.org so you can save a few euros in the entry fee (starting from 4€ with albatross-membership, without membership entry fees are between 12 and 15€). (tip: entry fee also includes a tap drink of beer/wine/sparkling wine and there is also a varying buffee, this time it was delicious salad with chicken wings, super yummy!!)

This time the event took place at a local restaurant-bar-nightclub called O’learys Bakers right in the centre of Helsinki, Mannerheimintie. It’s a great place for smaller and larger events. There are screens on almost every wall to follow your favorite sports game if you happen to be a sports fan! Menu is quite decent heavily focused on grill food (burger alert – dieters beware!). That’s it for my update, here are the photos and see you in the next event:



Olli Huhtala is a event photographer based in Helsinki, Finland.All rights reserved for the visible photos. Feel free to contact me for hire.


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